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Insight Enterprises CEO: Edge Computing ‘Still In Very Early Innings’

by CRN

CRN provides highlights of Insight's fourth quarter and FY19 earnings call, in which CEO Ken Lamneck says that Insight sees the edge as leading the way for clients to move forward with the cloud. "As things move more and more to the edge with technologies like AI and IoT, that will drive a significant amount of hardware that we haven't seen in the past."

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SaaS, PaaS, IaaS: The Differences Between Each and How to Pick the Right One

by TechRepublic

When thinking about migrating to the cloud, these are three core models to choose from. Sridhar Vasudevan, senior principal strategist of C+DCT strategies at Insight is featured on what each model of the cloud does and which one is right for your business. There are three prevailing cloud service models: Infrastructure-as-a -Service (IaaS); Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS); and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). All provide a layer of abstraction to service users building application systems, according to Vasudevan.

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Eight Arizona Companies Make the Grade on 2020 LGBTQ Equality Rankings

by Phoenix Business Journal

Insight was among the eight Arizona companies on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2020 Corporate Equality Index in a measurement of LGBTQ inclusive business practices. Insight increased its score from 60% to 70% this year through initiating resource group, Insight Stands Out that supports LGBTQ employees, families, and community advocates. Featured in Insight's 2020 Corporate Citizenship report, it promotes a “highly visible and inclusive work environment” and offers volunteer opportunities centered on LGBTQ diversity.

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IoT Makes Houston Schools Safer

by IoT Playbook

Insight is helping educators in Houston by implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve school safety. Insight contributes a suite of products known as Connected Safety that tracks safety sensors such as cameras, physical and virtual “panic buttons,” and noise and gunshot-triggering devices. The software also communicates outward to sensors such as smart LED bulbs and smart digital displays. Using these, a school can create a primary and secondary radius around an event to enhance situational awareness and help communicate evacuation plans.

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See Which Arizona Public Companies saw the Biggest 2019 Stock Price Gains

by Phoenix Business Journal

Of the 33 Arizona-based companies with market capitalization of $50 million or more, Insight was among the public companies that saw the biggest 2019 stock price gains, according to information provided by Bloomberg News and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Agile Teams Wish Their Leaders Knew These 5 Truths

by The Enterprisers Project

Steady leadership when tackling complex challenges enables teams’ delivery, users’ delight, and an organization’s overall success. Mark Wavle, Insight Digital Innovation national lead for Agile Enablement Services, explains how leaders can get in the way of agile teams and limit their success. He provides five truths to consider whether an organization is guilty of these roadblocks.

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SMBs Grappling With Digital Transformation Initiatives

by TechTarget

SMBs are eager to embrace digital transformation, but many encounter challenges when trying to implement new technology. The new Insight 2020 Technology Report calls out where mid-market and small businesses are running into obstacles. "Many companies perform a lift and shift. They simply take their existing applications and port them to the cloud. In those cases, they do not take advantage of any of the modernization features available in the new environment," says Joe Clinton, Insight Central Region Sales Director.

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Digital Workplaces Mean More Than Instant Messaging

by Forbes

It's hard to imagine an industry today in which the participants are not required to launch innovative products and services for their customers more quickly than ever. Collaboration across teams with diverse backgrounds has been found to accelerate this innovation, but how do you enable this in today's workforce? In this guest column for Forbes, Insight CEO Ken Lamneck delves into the benefits of a digital workplace.

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Dell Technologies Partners Tap Into Cross-Selling Strategy

by TechTarget

Insight was mentioned in this article on its partnership with CoreView, a SaaS management platform for Office 365, to support businesses in the Italian market.

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Q&A: Identity & Access Control in a Multi-cloud Environment

by Digital Journal

In an exclusive interview, Insight Cloud Security Architect Richard Diver tells Digital Journal the rise of multi-cloud is complicating identity and access control. "Standards are different across the platforms, so it is important that we find solutions that can bridge the gaps and bring uniformity to the way we operate the disparate environments. Identity access management, cloud access security broker, cloud workload protection platform and cloud security posture management platforms are all key to building this new multi-cloud strategy."

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5G is Poised to Transform Manufacturing

by NetworkWorld

Kim Knickle, retail industry specialist for digital innovation at Insight, is featured in this article by Network World. 5G wireless holds much promise for manufacturing facilities, largely for its speed and low latency, so a few early adopters are buying into the technology, but it’s pervasive use in factories is still years off.

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