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Get to know your customers.

Do you know what your customers have been up to and what they really need from your company? Many businesses lack a single tool that can track every customer interaction: sales phone calls, email marketing campaigns, customer service tickets, past purchase history and more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions do all of this and more. CRM platforms work holistically, across departments and teams, to manage a customer’s needs. Actionable insights gathered from centralized data drive relevant, useful interactions to make every relationship count.

What is CRM?

This is a catch-all term that refers to the technologies and tools companies use to manage customer relationships and customer interactions, gather data and generate predictive sales insights throughout a customer’s lifecycle.

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Implement smarter customer management.

CRM software gives you a 360-degree view of customer data at your fingertips. You’ll gain insight into customer behavior, and your customers will receive an exceptional experience.

It’s easier than you think to stay ahead of the sales cycle. Perform deeper analysis by predicting customers’ future needs. See how simple it is to build sophisticated predictive models based on behavior trends and patterns. 

Boost sales with CRM platforms.

Customer relationship management creates efficiencies across the marketing and sales cycle. Streamline efforts to make every interaction productive.

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Strategic marketing

Plan your resources, processes and execution for all marketing, including social media and email campaigns.

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Lead management

Create a precise pipeline of warm leads with built-in lead scoring analytics and personalized sales content.

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Social engagement

Analyze what people are saying on social media and in the news to make informed sales and marketing decisions.

We’re your resource for CRM solutions.

Insight has the expertise and relationships to advise you on the right CRM solutions to meet your unique needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a resource for business intelligence, social insights, campaign management and more.

We offer a bundled solution for Dynamics 365 that gives you the right programs — and backs them with migration and administration support. With our Modern Workforce Solutions, you choose your bundle and gain a single solution that is plug-and-play ready and supported by us 24/7. Click on the logo to learn about the benefits and to shop for this product.

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Services tailored to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Deliver consistent and timely service in real time with our cutting-edge Dynamics 365 services.

We leverage the Internet of Things (IoT), Azure® cloud and user-friendly applications to turn your existing CRM solution into a more effective system powered by real-time data.

Achieve better customer management.

Enhance your customer interactions and accelerate sales with a CRM solution, available from Insight.

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