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A smarter approach to data management

The value in your data lies in its ability to change the way you do business. Many companies collect vast amounts of data; however, storing — and understanding — it has become a manual challenge. Analyzing data the right way takes time.

Regain control. Smart companies are turning to analytics software and business intelligence tools to save time. Insight offers business intelligence platforms that can help you quickly break down data into relevant action points. 

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence refers to business analytics tools that let you explore and understand raw data in a meaningful way. These tools remove the complexities of sifting through data manually. Organizations can make actionable, data-driven decisions with ease.

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Get cloud-based business analytics.

Manually pulling data and sifting through massive spreadsheets takes hours. We’ll connect you to cloud-based business analytics. Access the information you need within minutes. And make decisions with confidence.

With real-time, interactive reports, analyzing data is straightforward. Users can customize tools based on their needs, with options to personalize features, manipulate data and choose report fields. Pulling information and creating charts is painless — and there’s no need for IT help.

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Easily access customized reporting.

Personalized dashboards enhance usability and convenience. Real-time data can be accessed based on what users want and need to view. And intuitive mobile applications make it easy to gain access on the road.

We’ll help you find the right platform.

Insight delivers world-class services and solutions and access to premium partners. We’ll guide you through the web of business intelligence tools by evaluating your needs and connecting you to the right technology providers.

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Turn 2–D reporting into 3–D visuals.

BlueMetal, an Insight company, offers a two-week Microsoft® Power BI accelerator that shows you how your 2–D reporting can become 3–D visualizations with layers over massive amounts of data.

We’ll define the design, architecture and strategy to address the challenge at hand, and substantially reduce your risk in the development phase. We’ll also deliver a compelling proof of concept with a quality that is unique in the industry.

Know your business data.

Track, analyze and uncover actionable data with business intelligence solutions, available from Insight.

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